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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to join Hanania Theological Collge you need only to have high school completed. You can also begin your academic live from certificate or diploma programs and grow to BA and MA degrees. You also need to have a smart phone or any type of computer with internet connection.

Hananiya Theological College is owned by River Of Life International Church, one of the prominent protestant denominations operationg in Ethiopia. As a religious institutions, it is established as a non-profit organization. Which means we serve the kingdom of God free or charge. Nevertheless, inorder to cover our costs, we request students a small amount of fee in the form of donation. However, if you cannnot make the donation fee, you may still be eligeable to apply. Just contact us.

Learning at Hananiya Theological College is very simple, interesting and interactive. At first, simply complete the Admission Form by clicking Apply Now button at the top right cornor of this website. Then we will guide you through the entire process and you will be onboard in hours or few days depending on the speed of your response for our requests.

You can make your payment in one of the following ways: Electronic transfer to one of the following Account Numbers: [Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: 1000434517358], [Awash Bank: 01308582424500], [Cooperative Bank of Oromia: 1016600038777], [Abyssinia Bank:78302364], or pay withTeleBirr wallet. Alternatively you can pay cash at our Finance Office.

Yes. The beautiful part of Hananiya Theological College  learning experience is the possibility of learning from any part of the world, at any of your convinient time and take the exam from your home or office. Our State of the art LMS helps you to learn and take your exam on your cellphone or tablet.

The Admission Process looks like the following:

  1.  You will Apply for Admission Online by clicking here
  2. The Our Admission Counselor will Contact you by phone or email and guides you through the entire process. If you do not get communication from your Admission Counselor with in 24 hours, please contact us at admission@hananiya.org
  3. When your Admission Counselor completed your admission application, you will receive “Letter of Admission” stating the fact that you are admitted to the program you have applied for. In your letter you will find a very clear instructions on the next steps.
  4. At this stage please keep your eyes on your email as all essential communications including your account usernames and passwords that you have given us during your initial application.
  5. When you check you email, you should receive the following three emsystem accountsails containing three different system accounts, usernames and passwords
    1. https://myportal.hananiya.org
    2. https://classroom.hanania.org
    3. https://library.hananiya.org

The online Teaching and Learning Process looks like the following:

  1.  All youe online Courses are available on our Learning management System called CLASSROOM
  2. In your ONLINE CLASSROOM portal you will find all your 10 weeks lessons  according to the following format:
    1.  Course Syllabus
    2.  Course Book/Module
    3. Weekly Video Lesson (Alternatively you can access your weekly video in our River TV educational Sateliet Channel)
    4. Powerpoint Slides one for each week
    5. Exercise, Quiz, Assignments, or Forum Discussion
    6. Final Exam- at the end of the course.